A New Meaning for “The Walk of Shame”

Me: Hot dogs and no buns…again. I better run to the store to get some.

Me: Remember to wear a mask

Drives past McDonald´s

Me: I could totally go for a plain cheeseburger with mustard and ketchup. OMG I need ketchup too!

Me: So, I have to remember ketchup and buns. Ketchup and buns, ketchup and buns.

Gets out of car and walks into the store

Everyone: Stares at me

Me: Whats their problem?


Runs out of store and does the walk of shame back to car

So are all my fellow squirrels enjoying their extra exercise this pandemic? Yea, me neither. This pandemic is not ADHD friendly at all. I can´t seem to remember to put on my mask and I´m always doing the walk of shame back to my car. I’ve tried everything. Even hanging one as an ornament on my rear view mirror as a reminder didn´t help either. I need an aid to drive around with me and remind me to put my mask on–do you think they have aids for adults with ADHD? No? Dammit.

Back to the walk of shame. I hate talking about the pandemic cause well, it sucks. I have to though because I honestly feel like we are most at risk with the way our brains are wired. It´s difficult for us to navigate through normal life with no changes. The pandemic is a disruption and adds additional tasks into our daily routine. 

Sitting in the Sam´s Club parking lot with my sister. Cracks open a plate of to go sushi in my car–don´t judge!

My sister: OMG are you gonna just eat that without sanitizing your hands?

Me: Sushi halfway in my mouth, places it back down. Um, no…

Of course I was gonna just throw that piece of circular heaven into my mouth without sanitizing! This is what I´m talking about. I completely forgot that we are in the middle of a pandemic. I was going to shove food down my throat that could have possibly been contaminated with germs from the store we bought it from. 

Squirrels, I know it´s hard, but we have to make sure we keep ourselves safe! I wish I had some sort of trick to help remind myself to put the mask on before exiting the car and also to sanitize before eating–and to remember to buy sanitizer. If you have any helpful hints, comment below! This definitely needs to be a group effort. 

Side Note:

I just bought sanitizer and placed it in one of my cup holders. Hopefully, that helps!


Published by squirrleyone

I’m a forty-two year old wife and mother of three humans and one Dalmatian. I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD in 1994. I graduated from Columbia College in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Art. Currently, I work as a paraprofessional and just completed my first middle-grade novel, “Best in Class”.

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