11 Benefits of Having a Parent With ADHD

1. You will learn to remember important events like picture day, on your own.

2. Packing a lunch will be a chore you excel at and chose to do—no one likes a lunch without a drink.

3. Guess who will learn how to write a kick ass to-do list? You.

4. Problem solving will be your expertise—since you’ve probably been observing how to problem solve your entire life.

5. Immense amounts of patience and understanding for those who who struggle mentally and emotionally.

6. An early realization that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

7. When your ADHD parent goes above and beyond for you, they hyperfocus and it’s magical.

8. An early realization that parents—especially ones with ADHD— are human and imperfectly perfect.

9. You’ll learn not to rely on anyone but yourself. You will also appreciate those who DO help you because you will realize you aren’t entitled to anyone’s help.

10. ADHD parents are a little more immature than NT parents, so they are always down to do something fun and adventurous with you.

11. No matter how much they struggle, they will never stop trying to be the best parent they can be. ❤️

Published by squirrleyone

I’m a forty-two year old wife and mother of three humans and one Dalmatian. I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD in 1994. I graduated from Columbia College in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Art. Currently, I work as a paraprofessional and just completed my first middle-grade novel, “Best in Class”.

One thought on “11 Benefits of Having a Parent With ADHD

  1. I never thought about this before. The self-reliance and the fun parent part really seem positive to me. You must become your own best advocate.


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