Just Group Me

Technology can wreak havoc on us psychologically. I’m a firm believer that most of our depression nowadays is because of social media and connecting solely through our phones.

Back in the day people met each other face to face more often. One of my favorite Sebastian Maniscalco bits is the one comparing having company over now, to back in the day—make sure you have coffee cake and Sanka. It’s a hilarious bit cause it’s so true! Back in the day people loved company. There was more human to human contact because we craved it and it was the only way to get it. There wasn’t that “technological middle- man” separating us and allowing constant informal communication.

In my opinion I think it’s important to have direct contact, even if it’s uncomfortable. Humans are tactile by nature and need that type of connection.

However, recently I realized there is a way I enjoy connecting which involves a “technological middle-man” that actually helps, not hurts—my group chats.

I have about five group chats in my text message app and even one on Twitter. I love my groups and I feel no shame in admitting it. Humans enjoy being in groups because it gives them a sense of belonging. So, it’s only natural that in today’s technologically driven world, one would find “their people” and form a “virtual group”.

Let me tell you why I love my groups. First of all, it’s like instant free therapy. Two of my groups are extremely supportive and we discuss personal relationships and sometimes even controversial topics. These groups are my “work besties” and “my best friend and new friend she introduced me to.” (Please excuse my lack of creativity describing the groups.)

2020-2021 brought upon many issues that split families apart because of differences of opinion. These two groups allowed me to give my personal opinions without being chastised for them. We remained civil and had some amazing conversations via text.

It’s also a wonderful feeling to find comfort with people with similar lifestyles. I love being able to vent about my husband, work, kids and life in general without being judged. Having a few others say, “Yes, I understand what you’re going through, I’m dealing with that myself.” Or, “Just let it all out, we’re here for you” is sometimes exactly what I need to calm my mind and realize I’m not alone.

My Twitter group is one of my faves. We don’t discuss anything too serious, but it’s kinda cool to find a few people from all over that you would enjoy spending time with in real life. It is a group that makes me feel like I can be myself and be silly. Dare I say it almost feels like high school when we chat together? It’s definitely my escape from my real world problems—check out my other blog (The Sweet Escape).

I have a high school friends group—my actual friends from high school. We still connect and reminisce from time to time. Every time we do it’s like no time has passed at all. Almost thirty years of friendship!

Sometimes finding a good group chat can be tricky. I’ve started ones and have been placed in ones that have been uncomfortable. The key to a good group chat is to get into one with people that don’t suck. Yes, it’s that simple—yet so difficult.

Everyone in the group must be supportive and understanding. You have to share a common ground and realize we’re all human and faulted. Also a similar sense of humor helps. Then unleash the TikToks and hilarious memes and enjoy!

Even though I’m convinced technology is the end all of organic human connection, my group chats help me see the bright side of things. Thank you group chats!

Published by squirrleyone

I’m a forty-two year old wife and mother of three humans and one Dalmatian. I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD in 1994. I graduated from Columbia College in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Art. Currently, I work as a paraprofessional and just completed my first middle-grade novel, “Best in Class”.

One thought on “Just Group Me

  1. I gave not joined any groups yet, but I love chatting on Twitter every day with other writers, so I guess this is kind of a group. It always picks up my spirits.


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