Just Group Me

Technology can wreak havoc on us psychologically. I’m a firm believer that most of our depression nowadays is because of social media and connecting solely through our phones. Back in the day people met each other face to face more often. One of my favorite Sebastian Maniscalco bits is the one comparing having company overContinue reading “Just Group Me”

The Opportunity to Fail (My Response to the Article “Case Against The Zero“ by Doug Reeves)

Dear Doug, Today, I was given your article, “The Case Against the Zero” by the principal of the school I work for. She emailed the staff and told us to read and review it before voting on a possible “No Zero Policy” that would be implemented into our grading system. Since I have ADHD, myContinue reading “The Opportunity to Fail (My Response to the Article “Case Against The Zero“ by Doug Reeves)”

The Sweet Escape

Occasionally I’m going to blog about things unrelated to having ADHD. This is one of those times. Today I’m going to discuss the topic of escapism. We all do it, whether we realize it or not. Escapism can be achieved through movies, our favorite T.V. series, books, drugs, alcohol and most recently—social media. I willContinue reading “The Sweet Escape”

How You Doin…

It’s funny to me how Americans are the only country that asks, “How are you” and expects only the simple reply, “good”. We don’t really want to hear how your day is going or how you actually feel. We just want you to help contribute to our false sense of contentment with the world aroundContinue reading “How You Doin…”


Does art imitate life? Or is it the other way around? Today’s blog is brought to you by a very eventful weekend and by the letter I—for impulsive. First, I’d like to address and answer my opening question. I wrote a book last summer, “The Golden Bee”. The book is about a STEAM competition thatContinue reading “Impulsive”

Forever Young

I recently watched a movie staring Hugh Grant, “The Rewrite”. In this tepid romantic comedy, Hugh plays an aging screenwriter who had one hit movie under his belt. Everything he wrote thereafter was a complete failure. So naturally, the production company sends him off to a university to teach a screen writing class. Those whoContinue reading “Forever Young”


I always feel the need to tell you how personal this blog is going to be. From now on let’s just assume all of mine are super personal. I hate repeating myself. Also, I can’t say the word borderline without singing the Madonna song. So enjoy the 80s nostalgia! Last year my daughter started strugglingContinue reading “Borderline”

Love Me Do

Valentine’s Day is a couple days away, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to discuss being a squirrel in a relationship. I can’t speak for all of us, but I can share my perspective and personal experiences. Maybe, I’ll even be relatable? First, I want to talk about “patterns”. I just recentlyContinue reading “Love Me Do”

How Will You Know?

Ever since I’ve started blogging and Tweeting about my experiences living with ADHD, I have received many personal messages. They usually begin like this… Omg! I think I have ADHD too! How will I know if I do for sure? Then they proceed to tell me all of the reasons why they think they haveContinue reading “How Will You Know?”


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