A Squirrel is Born

Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone and welcome to my page! I was diagnosed with ADHD in 1994 and have been medicated and unmedicated. I just wanted to blog about all things ADHD related and hopefully make you laugh a little too.

I have recently completed my first novel and it is currently in the hands of my amazing agent Max Dobson. It is a middle-grade book about a twelve year old girl named Stephanie, who happens to have ADHD. She attends an exclusive STEAM charter school in Chicago and is the only person in the sixth grade class with a 504 plan.

Stephanie struggles with controlling her emotions and is put to the test when she is chosen to be the team leader for her class entrepreneurial competition—The Golden Bee. She must control her emotions to avoid getting stingers for her team and lead them to victory! Luckily she is armed with her terrific ideas, amazing friends and her purple haired, former rockstar now school therapist, Miss Hailey.